Why choose us?

Our Disc Jockeys will do the best and most unforgettable party whether it is your prom, wedding, birthday, team building or your father’s anniversary. Our photographers have been awarded prestigious prizes in various competitions, and art exhibitions. In some of their works one can feel that thing which makes photography an art. Our camera operators have worked in the television and cinema industry.

They will capture the whole amazing experience to the last detail with the most modern equipment, so that you will be able to feel the right emotion in front of the small screen. However, we are not important. Our professionalism is talked about not only by our clients, but also the list of performers and singers who trust us and can be part of your party. You are important.


At Philipoff Entertainment, we never compromise on the quality of our services and products. We believe that each one of you deserves the most beautiful wedding pho tos; the most exciting party you have dreamed about and a wonderful film which will help you experience the emotion of your wedding day again and again.

That’s why the people who work with us are only well-trained and accomplished pro fessionals – DJs and hosts, photographers and designers, camera operators and edi tors. We always use the latest technology and the most modern equipment.


Often people forget how important security is in every detail for events that happen once in a lifetime, not only concerning the human factor, but also the reliability of the equipment and preserving a huge amount of information.

We have thought about all of these things and we have put a lot of effort in reducing the risk to the minimum with a big professional team, high-class equipment and constantly archived data on our servers.


We make the preparation for your wedding party much easier and faster. We devise a complete plan and set timing for the whole wedding at a single meeting in our office. We fix all the details on the newlyweds’ preparation, the photo shoot and the games and traditional customs in the restaurant according to schedule (saying at what time each thing needs to take place).

We provide an office with a contact number of the team you have chosen and a reliable server where you can save and share your wedding photos, film or trailer whenever you want.


The truth is that the price matters. With us, It is determined in the way every suc cessful business does, by a well-calculated analysis of expenses and investments, and not the way every freelancer does: “I think I deserve this much”. With our packages, we manage to offer you high quality at a lower price, compared to what you get if you take each service separately in the way wedding agencies work.

Another advantage is that, after leaving a retainer fee, You do not pay absolutely anything on the day or evening of Your event. This is done in a relaxed environment, during the normal hours of the day, in our office, within a week after the party.

We provide

  • A wedding host – the wedding is carried out in English, German or Bulgarian
  • A wedding DJ there is no limit and no restrictions as to musical genres
  • A wedding photographer, who adapts according to your taste and ideas
  • A wedding videographer and video shoot producer
  • Stage lighting with a smoke machine

First-class equipment

  • Our server guarantees preserving your photos and videos before you receive them
  • An individual cloud space where we store all of your pictures, the film, and the trailer
    for a 10 years’ time.
  • A link for sharing the materials with your friends and family – for everyone or just
    for the ones you have selected
  • 27-inch iMac with a Retina 5K display for real colors in the wedding photos and video
  • A completely licensed, professional software, updated to the last official version – Adobe LightRoom & Photoshop, FinalCut Pro X, VirtualDJ, ADJ MyDMX, Mac OS.

Your wedding with Philipoff Events

  • Making a guest list
  • Setting a rough wedding budget
  • A meeting with Philipoff Entertainment – it is free

Your wedding without us

  • Making a guest list
  • Setting a rough wedding budget
  • Choosing a restaurant
  • Choosing a ritual hall or an outdoor ceremony
  • Choosing a church
  • Choosing a wedding host
  • Choosing a wedding DJ
  • Choosing a wedding photographer
  • Choosing a wedding videographer
  • Choosing a wedding decorator
  • Choosing a wedding florist
  • Choosing the best lighting
  • Choosing musicians and dancers

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