Wedding planning

It’s time for a wedding. How do you imagine your special day? It could be a wonderful garden wedding (just like what you have seen in the movies), a glorious ballroom or a reception on the beach.

However, the most important thing is who will make your dream come true and how much exactly that costs. It is really expensive to hire a professional wedding agent and you have already seen how your close friend’s wedding is ruined because she has decided to trust some friends who “do weddings”. The truth is that you need someone who knows how to organize wedding parties, who can give you some valuable advice and tips, who can help you spend your budget in the best possible way. You need a professional consultant.

Thanks to our long experience and a big variety of services, we offer a free consultation to each one of our clients. We do not only want to make wedding planning easier for you, but also guarantee your calmness and careless smiles at the wedding. It is important for us that you feel the positive vibe of this celebration and it is our job to capture this moment forever.

При нас ще получите точно това – напълно сработен екип от сватбен фотограф, оператор, DJ (диджей) и водещ за Вашата сватба.

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