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Добрият сватбен фотограф е: „човекът, който ще улови всички тези детайли, заедно с чара и емоцията около тях и ще събере всичко това във Вашия сватбен албум. Така казано, звучи лесно и приятно.“

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We live in a time when photos surround us everywhere we go. They are on: Facebook, Instagram, Picasa Google+, etc. In most cases, we don’t pay too much attention to the quality, but to the content. It’s enough to recognize what is happening and who is in the photo. This is absolutely normal because in moments like this each and everyone of us takes photos with his phone or P&S. We have this kind of pictures from almost every gathering with friends. However, there are some moments in life which we would like to capture in time so that even our grandchildren will have the chance to share in our happiness. Our wedding day is one of these moments. Usually we spend a lot of time and put effort in its preparation. We work on every single detail.

Професионален сватбен фотограф

That’s why we need a professional photographer. He is the person who can capture all of those details along with their charm and emotion and compile all of that in your wedding photo album. When you say it like that, it sounds easy and nice, but in reality at least a few things are absolutely indispensable. First, you need quality, modern photo equipment which the wedding photographer is able to use well so that he (or she) can react quickly regardless of the situation.

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Weddings are very dynamic and very different from studio photography. The conditions for taking photos and the lighting are not just imperfect, they are usually incredibly different: at the bride and groom’s house, the ritual hall, the church or the restaurant. The photo shoot is the best opportunity for your photographer to fully apply his creativity. This isn’t usually longer than an hour. This is exactly why it is important to listen to the advice which he will give you. Of course, it isn’t a problem to discuss and implement your own ideas about the wedding photos.

Also, if you decide to hire one of our wedding photographers, you will have a clear idea of what you will receive.

It’s very good for them to know the (wedding) DJ, so that they are familiar with everything that will take place.

If you hire us, you will get exactly that – а team which consists of a photographer, а camera operator and a DJ, who have been trained to work well together.

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