Wedding DJ

By hiring a host and a wedding DJ for Your wedding from us, You will ensure not only the crazy party in the late hours, but also the high style of the event before that.

The good wedding DJ is crucial for Your wedding

The DJ is incredibly important at the wedding party. Some people underestimate his function and think that everybody who plays music in a restaurant can do the job at their wedding. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. The wedding DJ is different from others who work with a particular type of music at clubs. He needs to be very familiar with all the activities which could take place at the event. That includes specific customs and traditions, as well as all kinds of different games appropriate for the occasion. He has to be experienced so that he can direct you and give some ideas and valuable tips when you discuss the wedding plan.

The very word DJ (in Bulgarian) implies that he needs to be able to speak into the mic with a proper intonation so that everybody can hear and understand him (and trust us this isn’t always the case). He has to know how to present everything so that it is interesting to the guests, but without crossing any boundaries (like many others do). That could lower the level of a wedding which was initially well-planned.

High-quality professional equipment

The DJ needs quality equipment and has to know how to use it properly. That is related to the price you pay for the service. It’s important that he has a versatile list of songs which he knows well. It’s good if he is familiar with our folklore because at every wedding, along with the other dances, there are traditional Bulgarian dances called “horo”.

Excellent planning and professionalism

A wedding DJ’s work is not only about playing the right music and being the host of the event. It’s his job to make sure everything is going according to schedule. He has to inform the bride and groom before something important happens and make sure they are there. Also, he needs to speak to the photographer, camera operator and the restaurant’s staff before getting the microphone to announce something important.

Uncompromised quality

Unfortunately, we have been told about many unpleasant stories and criticism of various DJs. The most frequent reason is that the bride and groom have hired a friend who “does weddings”. Others want to save 50-100 bucks and leave their celebration, on which they have spent many times more, into the hands of a random person who makes extra money at the weekend. We are sure that all of those people would be satisfied with their special day and even brag about it in front of their friends if they had only hired a professional wedding DJ.

Highly qualified and experienced wedding DJs

Hiring one of our experts, you can be sure that he has gone through the necessary training at our company. He will work with quality equipment that he has used many times and knows its full capabilities. He will have a wide variety of songs and internet if the place allows that. (A 3G network is required). He will make sure that everybody is available before announcing something important. We are going to meet before the wedding so that we can plan everything out in the best possible way.

Wedding packages for Your unforgettable wedding

We recommend our wedding packages not only because you can save a lot of money, but also because you get a professional team of well-trained experts. That guarantees you will enjoy this unforgettable party again and again.

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