The videographer plays an incredibly important role at our wedding. He needs to capture every moment on your special day, starting at the bride and groom’s home and up until the end of the wedding celebration in the restaurant. To do that, he has to always be in the right position, to constantly move and at the same time, observe what is happening around him. Only in this way, he will not miss anything important.

An interesting wedding video – from beginning till end

A skilled operator knows how to combine close-ups and wide shots because the good result is always a balance between the two. That isn’t possible without modern and quality equipment which can guarantee, not only a perfect quality, but also stable movie-like motion which we have got used to seeing on TV. Of course, to achieve this, you need professional processing. In this way you make sure the wedding is easy-towatch from the beginning until the end and there aren’t any unwanted moments you would like to skip or badly shot scenes (which always annoy whoever is watching).

The quality montage is crucial

Тhis is the right place to point out that this is a job for an editor and it isn’t serious to let the operator to do it himself or to “put everything together” which happens in such situations. If this happens, the result is a long and difficult-to-watch video which is far from the concept of a wedding film. Apart from selecting the best scenes and combining them in the best possible way, he is the person who will make your wedding trailer or wedding video session. These are the videos that you will watch most often when you want to recall the best day of your life. You will show them to your friends and relatives who were guests at your wedding. They require much more attention and artistic creativity.

​Good montage + well captured material = MASTERPIECE

However, let’s go back to the operator as everything starts with him. Good editing is impossible without a good video in the first place. It’s important to discuss the plan for the whole day beforehand so that he (the operator) might know what will happen, where you will go, which ritual hall, which church and which restaurant you have chosen. These details are important because there are places where filming without additional lighting would produce too dark and noisy low-quality video. Apart from the high-quality equipment, in order for everything to go as planned, the operator needs very good orientation, quick reactions, and a lot of movement – this is a video after all, not a photo. If the above requirements are not met, you are doomed to watch a wedding film which looks as though it was filmed by a security camera from a static and general point of view.

Video shooting of weddings by a professional team

To make the operator’s job easier, he and the photographer need to be a well-working team. The result will be even better if they know the DJ. That guarantees everything that takes place is filmed from the very beginning without missing anything, that not even one event is announced before the camera is turned on or the photographer is in the right spot. If all of the above has been done, what’s left is to buy some popcorn, lower the blinds and enjoy your lovely wedding film in the following 2 hours having your kids telling you how beautiful you were at your wedding.

сватбен фотограф

What your wedding day would look like

видеозаснемане на сватби

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