Stage Lighting

Stage lighting is one of the services which people nowadays are choosing more and more often for their wedding. Beyond any doubt, the result is amazing. Years ago, the problem was that the price caused the same reaction – amazement. With the advent and development of LED technologies disco Lighting is more affordable than ever before. This is one of the best ways to put everybody in the right mood so that they never forget your special day.

It is true that lighting is а better deal than a second photographer or a second operator and you don’t pay overtime for it. However it changes the photo and video at your wedding immensely. Actually it does even more, it helps the guests at all ages to chill out, it manages to bring about a party mood naturally even in the fanciest restaurants. It changes each picture, even if it was taken by a guest’s phone.

A stage lighting plan is devised individually for the characteristics of each venue, although there might be many things in common. The most important thing that you need to take into account when hiring stage lighting is that there has to be a specific person who controls it the whole time during the weeding – the lighting operator. Otherwise, even the best equipment would not be enough for you to have good photos and video from your wedding day. The reason is that nobody likes seeing his face purple-blue with strange shapes on it in formal situations.

Controlling the lighting has to be in tune with the music, the situation and the wedding color theme chosen by the bride and groom or the decorator. There is only one choice during speeches – a nice white color at a temperature which corresponds to the lighting in the hall (2700K-5500K), which facilitates achieving a better quality film, trailer and wedding photos.

That being said, it is clear that the price of stage lighting may vary according to the restaurant and the requirements. However, there are combinations which guarantee a great result in every venue, although they are ordered and installed differently. Our concept of stage lighting includes two different types of smoke machines, led pars providing the main light and a list of effects which have been tested in more than 100 venues in Bulgaria and abroad. We have been providing stage lighting at weddings for 7 years already and during this time we have improved the service a lot.

The combination that we have included in the “Magic Day” package has the following highlights:

  • to enhance the decoration and the spectacular lighting to serve as interior, but with the colour chosen as the theme of the wedding
  • to have a good white on the dance floor to help the photographer and video operator
  • to surprise all guests with a magical smoke during the first wedding dance
  • to have nice effects and programmes and to turn the heavy restaurant into a pleasant party place at the press of a button.

Of course, you can always add more things to your concept of stage lighting, so if you have more ideas and you have prepared an extra budget, we can certainly implement them using an individual approach to your special day.

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